Becoming A Member

Our group is constantly evolving and eager for new members and new ideas. We pride ourselves in creating a warm and interesting community of people committed to sharing, learning and supporting each other.

Traditionally, every Jew is responsible for maintaining the Jewish community, according to his/her resources. As a inclusive group, Havurat Tikvah affirms the value of being financially accessible to all.

To learn more about our congregation and how to join, contact us via email at or by calling our phone message service at 980.225.5330.


Mitzvah Dues – Caring for our Havurah Family

Our Chicken Soup committee tends to the needs of our community during times of sadness or joy. Members coordinate support for those experiencing a birth, death, or other situations calling for Gemilut Hasadim (deeds of kindness).

We also require each household to contribute Mitzvah Dues to help sustain our community.

Members may be asked to participate in services, bring food for an event, chair a committee, assist with hospitality needs during events, and many other opportunities to keep our vision alive.